Sunflower Seed Flour 300g - Ceres Organics

Sunflower Seed Flour 300g - Ceres Organics

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Let’s get back to basics, get those hands dirty and feel the love… consider it a little finger-facial.

Made from the nutritious seeds of organically grown sunflowers, ground into a flour. This unique flour is packed with plant-based goodness, including protein and dietary fibre.

SUNFLOWER SEED FLOUR is a mildly sweet and nutty flavour makes it super versatile - a great alternative to grain-based flours or almond meal in your baking. It’s also perfect as a topping for crumbles, or thrown into smoothies and other foods for an extra boost of nutrition.

Take note! Sunflower seed flour and baking soda can react when mixed together, causing tiny green specs in baked goods. This is perfectly normal and safe to eat.