Ceres Organics Potato Starch 300g

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At Ceres Organics we like things clean and simple. That’s why our Potato Flour is just that! It’s made from organically grown potatoes, that are peeled, mixed with water, and then dehydrated to form potato starch flour. Due to this unique process, it contains resistant starch, making it a popular addition to the diets of health advocates. Light and very fine, potato starch flour readily absorbs water when heated, so is ideal as a thickening agent in sauces, soups and gravies. It lends a light, soft, and moist texture to baked goods that’s hard to match!

Ceres Organics flours are made from organically grown ingredients and milled with meticulous care using traditional methods to bring you products of exceptional quality. No chemical bleaching. No alcohol treatment. No additives. No anti-bacterial or anti-fungal agents. No bromate added.