EBO Raw Jojoba Oil (50ml)

EBO Raw Jojoba Oil (50ml)

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How to Use
Depending on the volume of your hair, take a few drops of oil in a bowl. Heat the oil in a microwave and apply it on to your hair, and not to your scalp. If you apply on your scalp directly, it may clog the pores.With a shower cap cover the oiled hair to prevent oil from oozing out. After 15 minutes, wash your hair with a shampoo or conditioner and let the hair air dry.

What to Expect
Adds shine, elasticity and softness to hair

Product details
Whole Jojoba plants were used for its medicinal healing qualities since time immemorial. But the true power of jojoba was unleashed in the 18th century by the missionaries. They softened the seeds, by lightly heating them, and extracted the essential oils. Today, the oil is used topically as an ointment to defend against dry skin and chapped lips. Every Bit Organic’s Jojobo Oil has no artificial ingredients. The Jojoba plant seeds are first-pressed to extract semi-precious oils from within.

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