Jimalie Organic Coconut Amino Sauce

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At Jimalie we love flavour, but not at the expense of our health. That’s why our Organic Coconut Amino Sauce contains all natural ingredients with no added sugar or enhancers. Rich in amino acids found naturally in coconut nectar, Organic Coconut Amino Sauce enhances the flavour of savoury dishes with its distinctive umami-seasoning. Add to stir fries, marinades or enjoy on its own as a tasty dipping sauce.

Ingredients: Organic coconut vinegar, organic coconut nectar, organic natural sea salt, organic black pepper, organic garlic and organic onion.  Made in the Philippines packed in Australia. Australian Certified Organic.


So you just ran out of soy sauce and you just want that great umami flavour that soy sauce brings. But, you’re also concerned because soy sauce isn’t that great for you healthwise. Enter organic coconut amino sauce.

It’s a liquid seasoning made from a unique combination of coconut blossom, sea salt and spices. It has the great soy sauce zing (slightly sweeter) that you look for in Asian cuisine making it a great addition to your pantry.

What’s even better is that it’s healthy too. Just how healthy? Here are the reasons why you should stock up on Coconut Amino Sauce.

1) It contains 65% less sodium than soy sauce.
Watching your salt intake because of your blood pressure? Sodium makes you retain water, which raises blood pressure. Now you have less to worry about when you just want a good flavourful meal.

2) Consuming coconut products help with weight loss.
Eating coconut products raises the presence of a protein called adiponectin in your blood stream. It helps regulate metabolic processes. And studies show that the more adiponectin you have, the faster your weight loss is. That’s why coconut eaters also have less risk for diabetes and other metabolic diseases than soy eaters.

3) It raises your good cholesterol.
Eating coconut products raise your HDL or good cholesterol levels. The more good cholesterol you have, the less likely you’ll get that hardening of the arteries that’s associated with heart attacks.

4) It’s low glycemic.
The glycemic index is a scale, which shows how fast sugar reaches your bloodstream when you eat a certain food product. Food products with low glycemic index scores are less likely to put your body into a rollercoaster of sugar highs and low.

5) It helps your immune system.
Coconut products have been shown to be great antioxidants. They reduce the presence of free radicals in your bloodstream, freeing your immune system to be able to fight disease and infection better.

6) It helps your mental health too.

Coconut products also help raise inositol levels in your body. High inositol levels have a positive effect on people suffering from mood disorders and depression.