Lemongrass Coconut Oil Soap by Niugini Organics

Lemongrass Coconut Oil Soap by Niugini Organics

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Niugini Organic Lemongrass Coconut Oil Soap is a lovely organic soap sure to leave skin feeling clean and fresh. It is 100% organic and cold-pressed from fresh coconuts, guaranteed free of harsh added chemicals and artificial perfumes, unbleached and un-hydrongenated and naturally rich in antioxidants to ensure protection and youthful beauty. This soap is scented with lemongrass.

What is the difference?
Refined vegetable oils found in most skin care products have been stripped of all natural anti-oxidants, they rapidly oxidize, generating large quantities of free radicals which may damage skin cells even more.

Produced in Papua New Guinea


Organic virgin coconut oil, rainwater, lye and Lemongrass essential oil