Natural Face Sunscreen BB Cream (SPF 40) Light

Natural Face Sunscreen BB Cream (SPF 40) Light

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So much more than a BB cream or tinted sunscreen!

Flawless Coverage

  • Full mineral make-up
  • Lightweight feel

Protects & Perfects

  • Zinc oxide shield against UV-B & aging UV-A
  • Vegan plant collagen – clinically proven to reduce fine lines & wrinkles


  • Reef friendly
  • Toxin-free, certified organic ingredients

This is Australia's first natural face sunscreen & true mineral make-up foundation. Unique Australian multi-corrective and protective cream with green tea extract and certified organic jojoba and aloe vera. Hydrates, nourishes and provides flawless coverage, leaving skin silky smooth, luminous and shielded from the sun’s harmful rays.

 Packed with the best ingredients

  • Organic jojoba and aloe vera
  • Cosmos approved plant collagen
  • Green tea extract

No Nasties:

  • NO PEGS, parabens, or sulphates
  • NO chemical UV absorbers
  • NO artificial fragrance

 Suitable for pregnancy and sensitive skin