Protein Bar - Blueberry 55g by Googys

Protein Bar - Blueberry 55g by Googys

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Real Food Protein Bars
Pure naturally dried Australian Blueberries are a superfood full of antioxidant goodness. It takes 10x the weight of fresh blueberries to make 1 dried blueberry, so each bar has the equivalent of 7 whole blueberries. A delicious combinatio, with 12g protein in each bar.

Protein bars are a really convenient way to boost your protein intake. We all hear how important it is to consume enough protein, particularly with an active lifestyle. We find the two common situations where you reach for a protein bar are as a workout supplement and as a snack.


· Made in Australia
· No added sugar
· Gluten free
· Dairy free
· Soy free
· Peanut free
· 9 month shelf life

12g Protein | 2.4g Fibre | 0g Added Sugar


Googys is Uniquely Trend Driven: EGGS are a well known and trusted superfood, naturally high in protein. First bar in Australia to offer this clean and natural dairy free protein. Googys boldly positions itself as the Real Food Protein Bar, is backed by a simple & natural ingredients list and free from claims.

The Real Food Movement of wholefoods, unprocessed, balanced diets and wellness lifestyles are changing the way we eat. Consumers are opting for products that are simple, fresh and contain fewer preservatives or unnatural elements.

We're a good egg – a googy egg. Full of goodness and a complete protein profile, the egg whites that power our protein bars are the natural way to boost your protein intake. You don't need a complicated ingredient list, complicating your health. Our real food protein bars get back to basics and deliver a delicious bar – where what's inside is laid bare on the front of the pack. It's real simple, just as food should be.



Fruit (dates, dried blueberries [2%]), nuts (almonds, cashews), egg whites, natural blueberry flavour

*Allergen advice: Contains tree nuts & egg