Wonderwerk Magnesium- Roll On 75ml

Wonderwerk Magnesium- Roll On 75ml

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Magnesium Gel Roll on 75ml

Our Gel is made from the purest Magnesium Chloride oil and has a smoother texture and in a roll on for easy application. Great for general application (pulse points, soles of feet and under arms) to increase your Mg levels for overall health and well being. Also apply for aches and pains, cramps (soles of feet and behind the knees at bedtime), headaches ( apply to temples), anxiety (chest and pulse points), restless legs (soles of feet and behind the knees at bedtime) and is beneficial to apply before and after a gym workout (soles of feet then pop on your socks and shoes) or sporting activity to minimize soreness.

Do not apply to broken skin!! It will sting!!!

The roll on bottle is easy to pop in your bag, take to the gym, pack in your luggage to take with you on holidays. Never go anywhere without your Mg!!!!