Nettle 50g - Herb Cottage

Nettle 50g - Herb Cottage

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Botanical Name: Urtica dioica

Nettle can be added to soup, vegetable dishes, meat and egg dishes. Use like spinach.

Nettle is a cleansing detoxifying herb, it increases urine production and the elimination of waste products. It is useful for skin problems and arthritic when poor kidney function and fluid retention are the cause.

You can brew our dried nettle into a nettle leaf tea as a convenient way to enjoy the health benefits of nettle.

Nettle slows bleeding from wounds and nosebleeds and also heavy menstruation. It is also useful for anaemia, allergies, and increases breast milk production.

Other Uses

Nettle is used in herbal beer, and to add colour to foods and medicines.

Part Used

Aerial Parts


Nutritive tonic, diuretic, anti-haemorrhagic, hypoglycaemic, circulatory stimulant, galactagogue, alterative.