About us

Welcome to Healthier Home, Healthier You!

I'm a mum with two young ones and we live in the rural town of Finley, NSW.

A few years ago we had a health journey which opened my eyes up to the impact that the health of your home can have on the health of your body.  As part of that journey I came upon some products that made a difference to me and mine.  

What we do in our built environment has an influence on our health. Homes are often filled with products that put out chemicals that overwhelm our bodies with toxins. With many of us spending the majority of our time in and around our homes it's valuable to work on lowering that toxic load.    

My focus is to make available a range of home care products that lessen the use of toxic chemicals to clean and care for our living environment.  I believe that creating a healthier home can result in a healthier you.


Opening Hours

Monday Closed for gardening : )

Tuesday  10am - 3pm

Wednesday 10am - 3pm

Thursday 10am - 4pm

Friday 10am - 4pm

Saturday by appointment