Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need low tox?

I started a journey to lower toxins from my life because I was exhausted from feeling unwell.  I had two children to nurture and I couldn't do it in the condition I was in.  So I swapped my smelly laundry powder for Abode's fragrance free powder.  I swapped toxic floor cleaner for the Abode range of floor cleaner that was designed for sensitive people like me.  I swapped my toothpaste, my shampoo's, my make up, my deodorant and I kept going until I had the lowest amount of chemicals in my house.  Even hubby had a change to the gritty soap he needed in his ute. 

Is low tox expensive?

Products with less toxic chemicals can cost a little more than your common supermarket products - because safer ingredients are typically food grade and not typically laboratory created.  Perhaps you can use a little less product to cut down on the cost - there may be some products you can just do without. 

I tend to compare the cost of the products with the cost of medical appointments to assist with the side effects from using the cheaper high toxin products. For some of us with sensitivities we don't have an option to use the high chem products if the product makes us feel really unwell. 

Do you sell Australian products?

I try to stock Australian products where possible.  Abode by Healthy Home Products, Kin Kin Naturals, Melrose Health, Grants of Australia are proudly Australian.  Products such as the Greenspeed Microfibre originates from the Netherlands but my supplier (the distributor) is an Australian with a passion for cleaning up the commercial cleaning industry. 

Can kids clean?

With low toxin products on hand and some quality microfibre the children can get stuck into the cleaning duties.  Arm them with a scrub mitt from Greenspeed and send them to the shower - scrub the tiles and glass not themselves.  An original microfibre cloth with a squirt of surface spray for the benchtops or their play table. They will love a play with the Fox Duster : )