Original Cloth - Yellow

Original Cloth - Yellow

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Durable, ultimate quality microfibre cloth for cleaning almost any surface.
- Time savings through effective and fast cleaning.
- Can be washed at least 600 times.
- Can absorb six times its own weight.
- Strong edge finish, so that the microfibre cloth does not shrink.
- Nordic Swan Ecolabel.




- Before using the first time, wash the cloth once in the washing machine.
- Fold the cloth (3x double).
- Use all 16 surfaces one by one, change regularly.
- Used dry, the Original is an ideal dust cloth. Slightly damp, it removes dust and dirt without any problem, leaving no wipe marks.
- For damp cleaning: Spray on the cloth with a spray bottle.
- We recommend washing the cloths at 60° C using a washing detergent suitable for coloured fabrics. Wash the red cloths with red fabrics. The colour may give off during the first washing.



What does the Nordic Swan Ecolabel stand for?

  • The Nordic Ecolabel is a certificate awarded to products which meet the strict environmental, quality and health requirements set out in the Nordic Ecolabelling Programme. It guarantees an environmentally-friendly production chain from 'cradle to grave', the highest product quality and product functionality in practice.
    - Products are assessed on the basis of 4 requirements:
    - Environmental requirements: The entire life cycle of the product, from raw materials to waste, is analysed and must be environmentally-friendly.
    - Quality requirements: The functionality of the product is extensively tested. Microfibre products must successfully remove dust and dirt, absorbing up to 85% of the micro-organisms, and are tested for their absorption capacity.
    - General requirements: Even the packaging must result in a low impact on the environment. It is also verified that the correct labels and instructions for use are present.
    - Regulatory requirements: Licence holders of a Nordic Ecolabel must ensure that legislation and regulations with regard to safety, the environment, the working environment, installation, etc. are adhered to.