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"Fragrance is everywhere. Unless you go out of your way to avoid it, you live in a permanent mist of scented air. THink about the morning routine for a typical woman. She wakes up from eight hours spent in sheets and pyjamas fragranced with detergent. She goes to the bathroom and uses a loo smelling of toilet cleaner. The toilet paper probably smells of flowers, and there might be an air freshener in the bathroom too. She washes her hands with scented soap. She has a shower using fragranced soap, shampoo and conditioner. She dries herself with a towel radiant with the scent of laundry detergent, and applies fragranced deodorant and moisturiser. She puts on clothes - they smell of the same laundry detergent. She does her hair with fragranced product or hairspray. Each item in her makeup bag - foundation, powder, blusher, lipstick - adds more perfumes. She'll throw the empty packets into a bin with a liiner that smells of lemons. To finish, she gives herself a good squirt of her favourite scent.

She hasn't even had breakfast, and already she's been exposed to fragrance in something like 15 products (16 after she's washed up her cereal bowl in scented detergent.)"

The Case Against Fragrance, Kate Grenville

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