Have you really looked?

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Have you really looked at the ingredients in your household products?

I never used to really look - partly because many of them had no ingredients list. I’d often go by smell but unfortunately we have been encouraged to think that stinky means effective. A toxic stench has many people thinking it will kill germs and make the house hygienic and healthy. Sadly the products are probably causing damage to your health.

I was researching some washing powders today (I like reading big words and finding out what they mean). I was thinking the powder sounded ok…….until I read about:

Poly acrylic acid 🚫

Sodium metasilicate 🚫

Alkylbenzenesulphonic acid 🚫

The name of the brand and the product sound so fresh and clean and invite you to think cleaning is simple. I think the term ‘greenwashing’ comes into play here. We are so tricked by the labelling and advertising. I’m so grateful for my copy of The Chemical Maze - Bookshelf Companion and other online databases that help us make decisions about what we welcome into our homes.

I don’t need that toxic stuff! Do you?

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