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The Chemical Maze guide looks at food additives and cosmetic product with an extra section devoted to household products. The authors believe that household products are of most concern for health safety. Why the concern?

The concern is high because the consumer is really in the dark about ingredients. There are no regulations requiring manufacturers to list the ingredients in their products. Not disclosing the ingredients means that we consumers can’t determine the safety of a product.

Often the product label will list the active ingredients……but not the other stuff that could be (and often is) harmful to human health.

It’s common that the ingredients are considered exempt from being disclosed because they are ‘proprietary information’ or ‘trade secret’.

I prefer my products with detailed ingredient labels - and the less ingredients the better.   Brands like Abode by Healthy Home Products and Kin Kin Naturals have detailed information on their labels. Many personal products now contain all the details you need to make your decision on whether to use a product. I won’t touch those supermarket brands that give you lots of claims but no real details of what it’s made from.

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