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Who feels like they are a canary in the coal mine?

Our sense of smell is a survival instinct. Our noses tell us when something dangerous to us is present. Some of us are more aware of the warning signals our body gives us - often the super sensitive will also be accused of being whingers or hypochondriacs.

In days gone by the miners would send a canary into the coal mine to assess whether it was safe for the mining crew. Canaries were super sensitive to the toxic gases so if they died then humans weren’t sent down that mine.
Canaries were very useful. Humans with sensitive noses could be a great warning for others.

If something smells a bit toxic then generally speaking it is toxic. The packaging might say ‘natural ingredients’ or ‘based on botanicals’ or ‘earth friendly’ but that doesn’t mean it’s safe for you or your family.

The Chemical Maze book by Bill Statham and Lindy Schneider is a great guide to ingredients in food, cosmetics and household products. Borrow a copy from your library, buy it online or download the Chemical Maze app.

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