My 2020 Goal: Lower the load.

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So it's that inspirational time of year when we set a goal for the next 12 months.   

We often put pressure on ourselves to get it all right and then beat ourselves up when after a few days or weeks into the year we feel we have failed.  

So.....set your goal to Trying!  Take small steps towards a longer term goal.  My goal is lowering the load.

I'm not completely free of toxins and I don't get it right every single day. But I try!  I can take steps to lowering the toxic load with small changes - like swapping a typical product for one much kinder to my body and my world, opening the windows more, washing the bed sheets more often and soaking in my salts.

How many unnecessary chemicals are you absorbing each day?  

Let's look around the house at some things we could do differently this year to reduce the load of chemicals on our bodies and the bodies of our loved ones.  Take on one room at a time.  Take on one product at a time.

The Bathroom & The Toilet:

We are in these rooms at the start and the end of the day - and many times in between.  At Trying for our health (28 Pinnuck St Finley) we can help you with products that don't contain the nasty ingredients that many typical products contain. 

At the sink:  

The Body range by Healthy Home Products has two styles of hand wash liquid.  Coconut Vanilla & Bergamot or Lime Basil & Mandarin.

Cleaning your teeth: 

Toothpaste from Grants and Jack & Jill.  Biodegradable toothbrushes from Grin - they are made from corn! 

Aid detox:  

Roll on, spray or cream lotion magnesium.  Magnesium salt flakes for your bath.  Increase your magnesium stores for better health.

In the shower: 

Natural soaps including fragrance free.

The Body range of Shampoo & Conditioner (New!).  Body wash coming soon!


We stock Who Gives a Crap toilet paper.  No inks or dye or scents. Plus 50% of their profits go towards building toilets.  

For cleaning the toilet we have Abode toilet gel and bathroom cleaner.  Antibacterial without the toxic stuff!

We also stock a range of air fresheners made from natural ingredients.

The Bedroom:  

Air your bedding in the sunshine whenever possible. 

Wash your bed sheets and clothing in Abode laundry products. 

Use a Winix air purifier to filter the air so you can breathe easy while you rest.

The Kitchen:


Ditch the nasty ingredients going onto your dishes this year by changing to Abode dish liquid and Abode auto dish powder. No semi-synthetic surfectants like coco-betaine or petrochemicals or chlorine bleach.  With a range of natural fragrance there is one to suit everyone - including a fragrance free for the ultra sensitive.


Freshen your hands at the sink with the Body range of hand wash.  Body is the sister to Abode, created by the Healthy Home Products team with your health in mind.  No nasties and the the ingredients are all listed on the label.

Phthalate free, plant based and vegan friendly.


Abode has three fragrances of spray for general surfaces and a spray for timber surfaces.  Made from naturally derived plant and mineral ingredients designed to cut through grease and NO d-limonene.


Free from toxic chemicals like bleach, ammonia and d-limonene.  Get Forest Fresh or Lavender & Eucalyptus for most floors or Atlas Cedar for Timber floors.

The Laundry

This is where we can absorb a great deal of chemicals. Who is in this room most? Could we make some changes to lower the load on the washing person and those wearing the clothes?

A typical laundry can be full of many synthetic and extremely toxic chemicals that are in use every day -  Artificial fragrance, synthetic colours, chlorine bleaches, petrochemicals and much more.  It doesn't have to be loaded with harsh (and cheap to manufacture) chemicals to work! 

Switch to Abode and lower the load!

Laundry Liquid - Fragrance Free, Blue Mallee Eucalyptus or Lavender & Mint

Laundry Powder - Fragrance Free, Blue Mallee Eucalyptus or Lavender & Mint

Laundry Soaker - Sensitive or High Performance

Wool Wash - Fragrance Free/Zero or Eucalyptus Oil

Fabric Softener - (Yes you can soften without the nasties!) in Fragrance Free or Comfort Fresh natural fragrance.

Ditch the high chem products in 2020!

Other stuff

Deodorise your carpets with a sprinkle of bicarb left on overnight or for a few hours before vacuuming.

Make a paste of bicarb and dish liquid to scrub the tiles and grout in the shower - rinse well after cleaning.

We have many helpful tools in our general cleaning section to make home care a little easier.

Lowering the load!

We can't conquer it all in one day!  With steps in the right direction we can lower the load on our bodies for long term change and long term benefit. 

Pick a product this week that you may like to change. Perhaps your bottle of dish wash is nearly empty or your laundry powder is nearly finished.  Work through your house one product at a time.  Over the coming months your house will be kinder to your body and also to the environment. You may feel an improvement in your health - less headaches, less fatigue, sleeping better etc.  It's worth the effort - your health is important.

I am Trying for our health and I encourage you to try too.  If I can be of any assistance in choosing products that suit then please get in touch - I'll get back to you after I get my feet out of my foot bath of magnesium salts.









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