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“…..perhaps the category of most concern is household products. This category includes household cleaners, air fresheners, laundry detergents and waterproofing agents. Here the consumer really is in the dark when it comes to determining the safety of these products because there are no regulations requiring the manufacturers to list the ingredients. Often the label just gives the active ingredient which may indeed be fairly innocuous. The rest of the ingredients are deemed to be immune from disclosure under the guise of ‘proprietary’ information or ‘trade secret’. The non-disclosure of ingredients would not be a problem if the products contained chemicals proven to be safe for humans; however , many of the chemicals used in these products are hazardous to health, some extremely so. Chemical compounds such as formaldehyde, xylene, toulene , phthalates, triclosan, benzene and various glycol ethers derived from petroleum are used as solvents and preservatives in many household products. These, and other toxic chemicals, present a very real danger to the health of people and pets.”

How can we trust a product or assess it's safety for use if we have no idea what is in it!

Buy products that detail on the label all the ingredients contained. Before buying check the ingredients on the Chemical Maze app - make a decision for you and your family.  For my family I know there are certain chemicals I particularly avoid and when looking at something knew I find it really useful to be able to type it into the Chemical Maze app or check the bookshelf companion guide so I know what the risks are - I don't buy anything with a sad face next to a chemical contained in the product.  The smiley face system in the book and on the app are a great quick reference if you don't have time to read all the details.

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