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Is your home making you sick?

A few years back my home was making me sick! It took me a while to work it out though. The practitioners I initially sought help from never questioned what was going on in my home. I was so fatigued, so deep in a fog and also sleep deprived. I couldn’t clearly see what was triggering me. My first response was to look at what I was eating. I didn’t, at first, consider the impact of the toxicants in my living environment. Fortunately I started looking at elimination diets. I found a nutritionist to guide me through. She had me removing things from the cabinets and cupboards that had fragrance or were high in other chemicals I’d never questioned. Anything with fragrance etc was going to influence the results of the elimination diet.

It’s fortunate that the nutritionist was aware of the influence of the home on your health. The elimination process got me started on this journey towards cleaning up my living environment. It was a good step in the direction of better health.

Is your health practitioner mindful of the influence of your home environment?

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