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The best time to start is ……Now!
So my weeds were neglected for way too long and now it’s a big task. I was avoiding doing it bit by bit even though small steps would have got me there. I avoided it so long that now it feels like a mammoth task and we found a baby brown on the lawn so that’s given me a big incentive to tackle it. Now is a good time to start.
Our approach to lowering chemicals in our life can be similar. We can avoid change because we think we have to go cold turkey on everything all at once. Or we could take small steps to make changes steadily.
Change is often easier and more habit forming when it’s in smaller steps.
You could start with one room or just one product at a time. Many start with their personal products but if that’s too tricky right now then start in the laundry or the kitchen. Perhaps you have a product nearly empty and you’ve been wanting to try an alternative. Or maybe you just realised a product makes you feel unwell and will just throw it out.
My incentive years ago was an elimination diet with my son. We had to clear the house of fragrance and other stuff that would disrupt our diet. Most of the things cleared out didn’t ever come back into the house. It was an all at once approach and it wasn’t fun. It was worth it but going slower would have been easier.

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