"....women have a higher body burden of toxicants..."

Posted by Lynette Pascoe on

Are you a sensitive woman? Overloaded with years of personal care products and cleaning products?

I tried perfume in my younger years and always felt off after putting it on or my nose ran like a tap. Back then I had no idea about the body’s filtering systems.

I tried supermarket fabric softener twice thinking that I had to have soft smelly clothes - I quickly realised that I couldn’t stand the smell and I felt strange after smelling it.

Nowadays I wonder how many people out there are reacting badly to chemicals in personal care and cleaning products but don’t make the connection between that headache, runny nose or mood swing.

How many of my page followers have reacted to a perfume, deodorant, shampoo etc? How many of you avoid fragrant laundry products?

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